The HMI multi-sport scoreboard is a professional highly user friendly indoor scoreboard solution designed to keep track of, and display scores for a wide variety of sports including basket ball, tennis, soccer, table tennis, wrestling and many more. The requirements of specialised sports can also be accounted for by making the necessary adjustments to suite.

Additional functions

  • Stopwatch
  • Timer for the “Beep Test”.
  • Scoring debating and theatre sports.


  • Score can count up to 199 and timer can count up/down to 99:59 Buzzer sounds at end of period and by manual control
  • When not used in sports, they can be used as a digital clock with an alarm function.
  • Rugged construction, built-in handles (on the smaller scoreboard only), reliable solid-state electronics. Wall mounting brackets supplied
  • Dimensions: 2000 (w) x 980 (h) x 100 (d) mm.
  • Designed for indoor use