HMI produces a wide variety of Variable Message Signs entirely customisable to your specific requirements. These modules are able to display several lines with different colour combinations to suite your specific requirements. They can also be seamlessly stacked or linked in a chain format to display pre-programmed or live feed messages.

Water tightness and outdoor brightness are attributes which allows The ticker to be utilised in large range of applications such as advertising signage or displaying of information indoors or outdoors.

A well known application has been with the NZ Stock Exchange on the Wellington waterfront where NZ stock prices are displayed on a 75m long Ticker which wraps around the outside of the building.


Key features:

  • Stackable and Linkable
  • Pre-programmable & Live data feed
  • Outdoor brightness
  • Water tight Single & Multi colour display options
  • Scrolling, Static or flashing display
  • Wide viewing angle 160°