HMI produces a wide variety of Variable Message Signs entirely customisable to your specific requirements. These modules are the most effective and versatile entry-level variable message signs available. The modules can be stacked or linked to create a seamless display ranging from a ticker (Chain) or a large display panel.

Possible Applications:

  • Show rooms
  • Corridors
  • Lunch rooms
  • Mass information communications
  • Bus, Train, Airport terminals
  • Safety & general announcements


  • Fully linked modules to create a seamless display
  • Entirely customisable to your requirements, up to 4.0m X 4.0m
  • Create long chain displays or large screen
  • Indoor and outdoor application versatility
  • Visible from 50m away Wide viewing angle 90°
  • Display Static, Flashing & Scrolling images/text
  • Text display possibilities
  • Time & date display