HMI has designed and developed the Smart School Zone Sign with schools located on higher speed or rural area roads in mind.

The Signs are intended to be installed around a school to create a School Zone area designed to increase driver awareness to the hazards posed by school arrival and departure times.

The innovative low energy consumption design utilises a dual display (Traffic symbol & School Zone text) this allows the sign to operate from solar power. Activation of the sign is from the Tweaker II wireless controller which is controlled by the school, this allows for the sign to operate for a preset time during arrival and departure of school children in the morning or evening.

The combination of wireless control and sustainable solar energy means installation and maintenance is a simple procedure not requiring expensive trenching of power and communication lines.


  • Designed for higher speed area’s to meet Traffic Note 56
  • Provides a safer environment outside schools during times of peak school activity
  • High Brightness LED dual display (Traffic symbol & “Slow Down”)
  • Activated by wireless controller
  • Extremely user friendly wireless controller, able to control several signs at once.
  • Controller includes two line LCD Display to relay back system status
  • Solar Powered option
  • Wide display angle (30°)
  • Optional radar for speed activation or data Logging
  • Cellular Modem remote access (Data collection, SMS Technical reporting, Security reporting)
  • Automatic dimming control respective to ambient light
  • Full aluminium case with a combination of high impact polycarbonate and alloy protective frontal mask.
  • EN 12966 Compliant