HMI Technologies’ Vision SID Sign has taken the strengths from the previous unit and built on them.

Changes include larger more visible character heights, increased energy conservation and dual colour display (Amber & White). The sign uses radar technology to display the speed of approaching cars back to the driver. If they are exceeding the pre-set speed limit, the SID flashes ‘SLOW DOWN’. This interactive speed control method has proved highly effective at changing driver behaviour.

The signs have also proven effective at increasing driver awareness of speed and thus helping to reduce the number exceeding the speed limit. The SID can also be used in combination with other devices such as a variable message sign or arrow board to create a speed control system.

The ability to record traffic data such as speed, time and date allow the units to be highly useful in the collection of traffic information. Mobile options mounted on a trailer add a further dimension of flexibility.


  • Display real time speed of oncoming vehicles
  • Collect information on passing vehicles (Speed, Time & Date)
  • Connect and transmit wirelessly via Cellular network or connect direct
  • Mobile trailer units available
  • Easy install with single pole mount
  • Intelligent battery charging system utilising Solar Panel or street light
  • Robust weather proof Aluminium case with UV inhibited high impact polycarbonate face
  • Vandal and tamper resistant casing
  • Ultra bright, low power, 5902nm Amber colour LED’