HMI is a NZ distributor and agent of the world leading PIPS Technology UK number plate recognition systems.

The automatic number plate recognition system offers the ability to analyse traffic flows for many uses including travel times, intelligence or surveillance purposes.

The foundation of the system is a network of specifically designed number plate recognising cameras which are interlinked to determine the entry, exit, direction and time of vehicles on the specific parts of the road network.

HMI offers in depth skills and experience to ensure that this system can work for your specific application. As with all of HMI’s installations, success will be measured on achieving your objectives.


  • Automated number plate recognition system
  • Measure traffic flows and journey times
  • Possible applications include, intelligence and surveillance
  • Ability to produce live data feeds Applications:
  • Journey time measurement
  • Road user charging systems
  • Access control
  • Parking systems
  • Traffic surveillance
  • Traffic analysis
  • Incident detection