HMI technologies NZ based R&D and manufacturing departments have collaborated to develop a sign designed to increase road safety around schools by reducing traffic speed in school zones.

The system is designed to create a 40km/h speed limit zone around schools by displaying a highly visible speed limit on signs which are operated by the school when they are required, e.g., morning arrivals, afternoon departures and other special events. The ability to schedule the signs to turn on only during times when they are needed increases driver awareness as well reducing the need to have many static signs.

The signs can be utilised by schools that are eligible, as they have been developed to meet the requirements of Traffic note 37. The centre of the sign is fully programmable allowing for various speed limits to be displayed to suite your requirements or those of your local council.

For those schools not eligible please view the Active Warning Signs for a highly effective alternative.

Combined solar power and wireless communication means the signs are a standalone item not requiring expensive installation costs associated with power and communication line trenching and routing.

Additional features include the ability to operate the sign as regular speed sign when not being used by a school (This will require connection to an external power source).


  • Increase road safety around schools
  • Alternating amber lights in corners to increase awareness
  • User friendly wireless controller
  • Programmable schedule or manual on/off flexibility
  • Auto-dimming for low ambient light situations (Reduced energy consumption)
  • Extra wide viewing angle 30°
  • Solid corrosion resistant black aluminium case construction