HMI Technologies’ latest SAD design has combined speed detecting radar technology with the immensely successful speed limit signs. As a power saving function, the SAD only turns on with approaching traffic, displaying a typical Speed Limit (or any other traffic symbol, on request). If the approaching car is going over the pre-set limit, the ‘SLOW DOWN’ message flashes to warn the driver.

These signs have proven to be highly effective at reducing accidents in tight curves or areas where driver awareness and speed are the key factors leading to accidents.


  • Improve road safety by raising awareness to hazards.
  • Various display options available
  • Built in radar to detect approaching vehicles
  • Dual display; either traffic symbol or if approaching speed is to high “Slow Down” message.
  • Standalone solar power option for ultimate flexibility
  • Robust weather proof aluminium casing
  • Extra wide display angle (30°)
  • Optional data collection available