HMI Technologies NZ based R&D and manufacturing departments have collaborated to develop Active Warning Signs (AWS) designed to increase road safety by increasing road user awareness to upcoming potential hazards. Active Warning Signs can be used by eligible schools as they meet the requirements set out in Traffic note 56. 

The sign consists of a reflective Graphic combined with alternating amber lights on the top corners. The lights are switched on using our wireless controller which can be pre-programmed to start at the time needed EG school arrival and departure times.

Combined solar power and wireless communication means the signs are a standalone item not requiring expensive installation costs associated with power and communication line trenching and routing. They can be mounted on existing lamp posts and hardwired if necessary.

Note: Rural and Urban situations require a slight variation in the sign, please look to pictures for clarification


  • Increase road user safety by making upcoming hazards more visibly known
  • Self sustaining installation; solar powered
  • 2x Flashing 100mm LED’s
  • Wireless controller connectivity
  • Highly reflective static image
  • Designed to meet NZTA Traffic note 56 & 57 specifications