As part of HMI’s solutions a complete range of sustainable power supply modules utilizing solar energy have been custom designed. These modules are designed to maximize energy generation in harsh road side environments often suffering from extreme temperatures, dust, wind and rain. These factors are coupled with often extended service intervals leading to an ever challenging environment to operate successfully within.

HMI has worked hand in hand with world leading manufactures of high efficiency photovoltaic modules to produce customized solutions specifically designed to operate in the roadside environment. The aspects incorporated within the design include high transparency, high strength low iron content tempered glass face encased within an anti-corrosive anodized aluminium mounting frame and case.

Laminated into the solar modules is a theft deterring feature utilizing the HMI logo which cannot be removed, this ensures that if the panels are stolen they can easily be identified when found.Further security features including the anti-tamper mounting bracket design and optional alarm able to communicate remotely, all of these are features available to ensure the most effective solution is available to clients who choose solar energy as their power generation source for HMI products.

HMI’s energy conscious designs allow Solar Power as a viable energy source for almost all products offered.


  • High tolerance to extreme temperatures up to 80 Degrees C
  • Flush surface to maximize debris dispersal
  • Multiple sizes to accommodate varying energy requirements
  • Anti Theft mounting bracket design with non-tamper fittings
  • Flexible mounting fixtures
  • IP65 rated Junction box
  • Optional remote tamper security alerts