HMI technologies is NZ’s exclusive agent of Wavetronix – the world’s leading vehicle detection radar systems pro. These systems are able to monitor a full range of traffic dynamics along any stretch of highway. The system utilises high definition dual radar that can monitor and record accurate traffic data over a single or multilane roadway.

SmartSensor HD’s unique Dual Radar design is incredibly accurate, providing individual vehicle speeds to within four miles per hour as well as more precise vehicle classifications. Digital Wave Radar II reduces “spillover”; works over barriers, guardrails, medians and gores; and accurately detects partially occluded vehicles. Armed with high definition radar, SmartSensor HD sees all vehicles in its field of view, and not just those in pre-defined zones.


Dual Radar Speed Trap Diagram

  • Easy to install & operate
  • Entirely flexible and cost effective data collection
  • High Definition dual radar for accurate imagery
  • Vehicle count
  • Road occupancy
  • Vehicle classification EG. Bus, Truck, Motorcycle
  • Speed data
  • Lane specific data

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